Ozzy Dahlstrom is the founder and managing director of Limerick Media. Pursuing what has been a lifelong interest in the entertainment industry, he graduated with his degree in entertainment business from McNally-Smith College Of Music in Saint Paul, Minnesota in the spring of 2006.

Early in his career Ozzy worked as a producer at classic rock radio station 95GMO in Wisconsin, before relocating to the Twin Cities area. He then spent more than two years developing unique concerts and other original events for the Diverse Emerging Music Organization (DEMO), assisting legendary First Avenue manager (now DEMO Executive Director) Steve McClellan.

It was during this time period that Ozzy also founded Limerick Records, an innovative label that made its artists music available for free, using the albums as a marketing tool to generate alternative revenue streams. After several successful releases (and much media attention) Limerick Records expanded into other areas of the entertainment business and became Limerick Media.

One of Ozzy’s greatest passions in the music business has always been artist management. Since the late 90’s he has worked tirelessly to help talented young bands develop their careers and has managed many successful local artists such as ZibraZibraCapitol JayGazillionSonicate – and consulted with many more including The 4onthefloorMaydaSoul Beautiful and Logan Heftel.

Ozzy also has extensive experience in creative writing and music journalism, interviewing major artists such as: QueenSaves The DayHansonMolly HatchetDavid Levithan, and many more.

Now a creative producer for Nineball Radio Networks and active member of the DEMO board, Ozzy continues to manage artists and produce events in Minneapolis, Minnesota.